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Powerlifting Gyms: What You Should Look For in a Powerlifting Gym

Powerlifting Gyms

If you want to improve your strength and conditioning, you should join a powerlifting gym. This traditional weightlifting discipline necessitates concentration, technique, and dedication—but it also necessitates equipment that you won’t find at every gym, especially as your strength and expertise improve.

When you decide to start a powerlifting program, the first step is to choose a gym that has the necessary equipment and mindset to help you succeed. Here are ten unique pieces of equipment that will demonstrate how committed a gym is about their lifting culture:


The barbell is fundamental to the sport of powerlifting, but not all bars are made equal. Varied bars have different thicknesses, levels of flexibility, and knurling (textured metal that assists your grip), all of which influence how your lifts feel. There are also a variety of bars available, ranging from normal squat/bench/deadlift bars to hex bars, cambered bars, swiss bars, and others. Great powerlifting gyms will offer a large number of well-maintained bars, and staff should be able to assist you in finding the optimal bar for the job.



Are your palms sweaty? Is your grip strength failing? Most big-box gyms have phased out chalk, and many weightlifters reach a plateau simply because their muscles can’t hold the weight they’re capable of lifting. A chalk tray should be present in the lifting section of a powerlifting facility. Even if they don’t, its use should be promoted. There are different kinds of chalk that can be found in gyms. Some examples include the blue, white and green varieties. Some gyms might have a rubbing substance that’s rubbed on the hands before working out. This is something that can be used instead of or in addition to chalk. Some of the popular brands of chalk for powerlifting include:

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– Crazy Bulk : Blue

– Rogue Fitness: White, Green, and Dark Grey

– Ohio Barbell: White and Red (they also have a black variety)

– Eleiko: Black


The bench press is frequently misunderstood as the most basic core exercise, yet there is a TON of skill packed into this classic action. The starting position of your bar is critical to your performance on a set or a max attempt, yet many gyms only offer fixed height benches that do not accommodate individual lifters’ arm length. High-quality benches should always be adjustable, and they should be one of the first features you look for when purchasing a new gym. There are different kinds of benches that can be good for powerlifters such as a close-grip bench, a Zercher squat bench or a safety-knee bar.



Although iron plates are excellent for most workouts, the form of a plate can greatly alter the feel of a lift. Competition plates are thinner and denser than standard iron plates, as seen by their colored pattern and metric labeling. If you want to compete in powerlifting, you must find a gym where you can train with these unique plates. There are several kinds of competition plates for powerlifters such as the Standard Competition Plates and the Olympic-style Competition Plates.


When it comes to unique plates, 100 lb. Plates are a rare rarity, found only in the most elite powerlifting facilities. Aside from making bar math easier, these plates modify the balance of a bar and have wider contact with the floor, giving a level of difficulty to lifts that no other plate can provide.

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There are several kinds of Barbell Plates for powerlifting such as the IronMaster Series, Rogue Barbell Series, and the USA Weightlifting Plates. The IronMaster Series of plates are made in the USA by Ironmaster, which has been manufacturing plates since 1965. The Rogue Barbell Series of plates were designed by Bennedict Arnold and are manufactured in the United States by Rogue Fitness. The USA Weightlifting Plates were developed by the United States Olympic Committee Weightlifting Committee and are manufactured by US Weightlifting.


Loading and unloading the bar might feel like half the workout until you start pulling large numbers with your deadlift. A deadlift jack lifts the bar off the floor, allowing you to load and unload plates with minimal friction. Work smarter rather than harder, and reserve your energy for the actual lift. There are a lot of deadlift jacks that are available for purchase.


Powerlifters require strong lower backs, and the reverse hyperextension machine is the safest technique to train this delicate muscle area. This one-of-a-kind tool works your glutes and lower back muscles without putting undue strain on your spine. This activity is not available on any other machine, and strengthening your core will make every lift safer.


Lifters utilize bands and chains to impart varied degrees of resistance to lifts, allowing them to iron out errors in technique or push specific parts of a lift to a new level of difficulty. Bands and chains both add resistance to the height of a movement, and bands also need a lifter to regulate their descent. Bands are also fantastic for warm-ups and supplementary motions.

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The glute ham raise is an excellent auxiliary activity for the posterior chain that develops and increases explosiveness in the glutes, hamstrings, and calves, but a good GHR machine is hard to come by because most gyms are unwilling to pay for one. If you can discover a gym that has one of them, you may be confident that they are serious about preparing lifters for success. Some of the most recommended GHR machines include the Cybex GHR, the Nautilus GHR, and the Alter-G. The glute ham raise is an excellent auxiliary activity for the posterior chain that develops and increases explosiveness in the glutes, hamstrings, and calves, but a good GHR machine is hard to come by because most gyms are unwilling to pay for one.


The Monolift may look like a torture device from Game of Thrones, yet it is one of the most important tools for advanced powerlifters. This one-of-a-kind technology eliminates the need for a walkout on heavy squat attempts or a liftoff on bench efforts, making it ideal for high-intensity lifts where you can’t afford to squander any energy.


Needless to say, even in a major city, finding a solid powerlifting gym can be difficult. A solid culture, educated staff, and financially and mentally devoted ownership are required for high-level powerlifting facilities. Fortunately, A lot of gyms have all of the necessary equipment above, as well as top-of-the-line facilities for a wide range of other training disciplines. Begin today by taking a completely new step in your fitness journey!